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Fertile Images + Design

"Use whatever tools are available. We combine film photography with digital photography, painting and design - these all help us make our images." - Zak Sarwari

Zak Sarwari and Lysa Bromaroff have joined together in life, art, and business through their love of photography to form Fertile Images + Design....Read more

Opus Big Picture 2014 – Black & White Edition Gallery

Thank you to everyone who participated in our digital photography event:

The Opus Big Picture 2014: Black & White Edition

This summer, we invited you to interpret the theme Black & White in the medium of photography for our 2nd Opus Big Picture photo event. 172 exciting entries poured in between July 1 and August 31 and our judges had their work cut out for them! The submissions, ranging from thought-provoking to downright magical, made the judges’ task of selecting just three images a challenging one. ...Read more

The results are in, and the judges’ top pic(k)s are…

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