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Each month we write about Arts-related happenings in the community. It's also a great place to check up on what's new at Opus!

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The Making of an Escoda Versatil Brush

Watch a true Master in action!

Ricard Escoda, Senior from Escoda Artist Brushes paid a visit to Opus to demonstrate the Versatil, a beautiful brush line that rivals the performance of Kolinsky sable.

These professional synthetic watercolour brushes are handmade, and Ricard, a master brush maker, had all the tools used to craft them on hand. He had everyone entranced as he assembled a round Versatil –  so much so that we had to film it!

Watch Mr. Escoda as he elegantly blends modern technology with time-honoured techniques to create a Versatil brush before your eyes....Read more

Documenting your Artwork with a Digital Camera

Documenting your artwork with a digital camera allows you to keep a record of your completed and sold artwork. Whether you gift the artwork to someone or you sell it, you want to make sure that it’s a part of your legacy as an artist.

You can also use the digital image for marketing purposes on your website, blog, online portfolio and print portfolio. Having a digital copy of the artwork is also important because you can utilize the digital file as a tool to produce additional income in the form of digital prints. ...Read more

Art News

What's happening in the Visual Arts community. It moves fast, so check often.

Launch of "Mega Fauna," Cloudscape Comics' Latest Anthology

"Mega Fauna," Cloudscape Comics' 8th graphic-novel anthology, will be launching at a party this May along with several other anthologies on the weekend of VanCAF (the Vancouver Comics Art Festival). Numerous local comic artists will be attending the party, and there will be snacks provided as well as numerous fun artistic activities for the whole family....Read more

April Dyck - emerging artist - Studio Tour

April Dyck is a contemporary painter with an artistic style that is uniquely original to her. A self-taught emerging artist whose colourful paintings include abstract, representative and figurative subjects.
April Dyck is a self-taught emerging artist living in the Comox Valley for the past 10 years. Her contemporary paintings people are saying is uniquely original to her.

Her work includes abstract, representative and figurative subjects. April’s paintings are luminescent achieved by the layering of many colours. Each painting is completed with drawn lines to isolate the colours and to emphasis contours. She is known for her playfulness with perspective and enjoys exploration of plastic space on a flat surface....Read more