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By All Means Create with ...

Michael King

Plein air oil painter Michael King joins our By All Means Create with … series as the ninth artist to share how he overcomes his creative blocks.

With a style that borders between representational and impressionist, Michael’s paintings embrace the mood of the location, coaxing the viewers’ attention to his focal point. Drawing from his personal approach to painting, Michael has developed a four step process for assessing his paintings while working under tight time constraints due to the unpredictability of the elements.

Watch our latest video and discover how Michael approaches his artwork with a practical eye when his inner critic attempts to bring him to a standstill.

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Stay tuned for next week’s artist … Fiona Tang

Previous artists

If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. -Vincent van Gogh

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s words and the artists who illustrated them in our video By All Means Create, we decided to delve deeper to find how artists silence their “inner critics” and push past their creative blocks.

Follow us each week to see how different artists challenge their fears and continue creating!

By All Means Create


Your By All Means Create project is absolutely fantastic. I think you have hit the nail on the head when you created this wonderful project. So many people, like me, think that we are just not good enough, do not know enough rules of painting or shading or whatever, and we unconsciously let that little voice take over that tells us we cannot paint. I love your new project and now that you are letting well known artists tell us and show us how they overcome that little voice, we do not feel so intimidated to dare pick up that drawing pencil, that drawing pen, that watercolor brush to dip in our watercolors, or those get out that canvas and oilpaints or our brushes and acrylic colors, etc..... I wish that you could keep on doing this project every month, as I truly think it is one of the most amazing and truly inspirational projects I have ever seen. Well done, Opus staff!!
You scored 1000% with this idea.

Well expressed, Marney-Rose!

Many many of us are listening and hearing the messages within this marvelous project, helping us to press beyond the dark moments when the creative monster is dormant. Thank you Vincent for such an inspirational thought and thank you to your artists who are willing to share their experience with us.


Thank you, Mandy Tsung, for sharing your innermost thoughts about "that inner critic". Your words are very inspirational and help us to gather our, possibly, weak self-confidence, and make us stronger and feel inspired to pick up our art tools and create. Your words make me realize that no matter what I paint, it is okay because it is something that I have created and nobody else can criticize it, as I have created something from my heart.
Thank you, Mandy, and thank you, Opus, for this wonderful project. You are helping so many of us who may be, perhaps, like me, just lacking in our self-confidence. Only those of us who lack self-confidence or have had our work criticized, can understand how uplifting and helpful this "By All Means Create" project is.

Love the first two! Thanks for this project !! - makes a difference to be able to listen and learn from other artists.

What a fantastic project! I've been painting for about 17 years, but have been more sporadic in the past few. I'm often looking for movitation and inspiration to ramp up again and this is a great series for that. Thank you to whomever came up with the idea and keep those videos coming. Your fellow artists are grateful.

Thank you, Teressa, for your lovely words of inspiration.
You have so many thoughts that make us want to pick up a paintbrush. Like you said, "It is only a piece of paper". You are right when you say that perhaps we do beat ourselves up about our artwork before we let others beat us up. Your words inspire self confidence. Your works of art are lovely and you have such good ideas, such as adding pieces of rice paper or tracing paper to your painting! How unique! For amateur artists like us, we never thought about doing that.
Thank you so much, Teressa, for sharing your thoughts about overcoming that little voice inside us that says "We cannot paint". You will probably never know how much your little video has meant to us.

Love the idea, as an artist we fall in love of the process because that is how we express ourselves, I will like to suggest for the project to interview a young talented artist, Fiona Tang an amazing and talented young artist (Emily Carr alumni) that experiments with different mediums and has incredible charcoal drawings,

by all means keep creating and thank you for such an inspiration,


I love these videos, and completely agree with the other comments. Well done Opus! Learning that "real" artists have a negative inner voice was an eye opener for me, and so encouraging. I also love watching artists at work, regardless of the medium. It's inspiring, I learn new things every time, and it's so relaxing I could watch them for hours. Thanks to everyone involved in this project, it's truly worthwhile.

Thank you, Danielle. I totally identify with your comments about creative blocks and what your art teacher at university said to you to devastate you. A similar thing happened to me when somebody asked to "critique" all my artwork, and being naïve, I said "Okay". The person's nasty comments for each piece of my precious artwork just devastated me for years.... but, as the saying goes: "what goes around, comes around" for that nasty person. You absolutely are wonderful, you identify with "the creative block" we all have. Your solutions are unique and FUN. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. Thank you also, Opus, for getting these inspirational artists to share their solutions on these videos. Please keep this project going. We are all watching and learning.

I absolutely LOVE this project. It's like some kind of self-help group where we can voyeuristically listen to the confessions of others and realize that we are not alone! THANK YOU OPUS and to the creative team, and Ryan Mund. and to all the artists willing to share - for this fantastic series.

I consider this one of the most important series of films I have ever seen on the creative process. It is an absolutely brilliant idea. It works in so many areas of life too. One has to be able to work through and come up with creative ideas and solutions for problems throughout life. Bravo, Opus!

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